"Our purpose is to have fun while promoting interest, perserving tradition, and providing education as it pertains to the hammered dulcimer and its music."

The Founders


Playdate List

It's a Small World - G
Amazing Grace - G
Redwing - G
Tick Tock Polka - G
Midnight on the Water - D
Down Yonder - G
Southwind - G
Golden Slippers - G
Festival Rag - D
Just Because - C/D/G
Bud's Waltz - G
Manitoba Golden Boy - G
Over the Watherfall - D
Simple Gifts - D
Tennessee Waltz - C
Flop Eared Mule - D
Maple Sugar - D
Columbus Stockade Blues - G
Westphalia Waltz - G
Whiskey Before Breakfast - D
Ashoken farewell - D
Pennsylvania Polka - G
In the Garden - G
Old Joe Clark - D
Blueberry Splash - G
Isle of Capri - G
Liberty - D
Maple Sugar - D
I Saw the Light - G
I'll Fly Away - G
Sophrina - G
Chinese Breakdown - D
Battle Hymn of the Republic - C
Where the White Lilies Grow - G