Thornapple Valley Dulcimer Society - Tune Of The Month

"Our purpose is to have fun while promoting interest, preserving tradition, and providing education as it pertains to the hammered dulcimer and its music."

The Founders


Tune Of The Month

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Sheet Music


March 2009 Bryson Hall Waltz Copyright ©
April 2009 Blueberry Splash
May 2009 Riding On Load Of Hay Riding On Load Of Hay
September 2009 The Gale The Gale
October 2009 Snake River Reel Snake River Reel
November 2009 Holly Berry Holly Berry
December 2009 Blackberry Blossom
January 2010 Woodchoppers Reel
February 2010 Hey Polka Hey Polka
March 2010 Tyler's Trot Copyright ©
May 2010 Bud's Waltz
September 2010 Girl With Blue Dress On
October 2010 Saturday Night Waltz
November 2010 Efterkaelken Efterkaelken
January 2011 East Tennessee Blues
March 2011 Headin' to Evart Headin' to Evart
April 2011 Trillium Twirl Trillium Twirl
September 2011 Green Willis
October 2011 Glass Island Reel
November 2011 Golden Keyboard Golden Keyboard
January 2012 Steel Guitar Rag
April 2012 Antique Pearls
September 2012 Cold Frosty Morn Cold Frosty Morn
October 2012 Isle of Capri
January 2013 Coleman's March Coleman's March
March 2013 Beaver Island Schottische
November 2013 Beaumont Rag
February 2014 Lover's Waltz
March 2014 Hewlett Hewlett
October 2014 Black Bottom Strutt Black Bottom Strutt
November 2014 Frisco Waltz Frisco Waltz
January 2015 Kiowa Special Kiowa Special
February 2015 Schottische Stockfish Schottische Stockfish
March 2015 Dusty Bob's Jig Dusty Bob's Jig
April 2015 Washington Square Washington Square
September 2015 Contributing to Delinquency of Am Contributing to Delinquency of Am
October 2015 Swinging On A Gate Swinging On A Gate
January 2016 Quadrille de la Guadeloupe Quadrille de la Guadeloupe
March 2016 Swallowtail Jig Swallowtail Jig
September 2016 Centennial Foxtrot Centennial Foxtrot
October 2016 Tamlin Tamlin
November 2016 Ten Strike Ten Strike
February 2017 Angleworm Wiggle Angleworm Wiggle
March 2017 Spider On The Bedpost Spider On The Bedpost
April 2017 The Minstrel Boy The Minstrel Boy
September 2017 Patty Ann Patty Ann
November 2017 Saturday Night Breakdown Saturday Night Breakdown
February 2018 Panhandle Rag Panhandle Rag
March 2018 Blind Mary Blind Mary
September 2018 Hundred Pipers Hundred Pipers
October 2018 Rollstone Mountain Rollstone Mountain
November 2018 My Cape Breton Home
December 2018 Francis Lake Soiree Francis Lake Soiree
March 2019 Jacky Tar Jacky Tar
April 2019 Drowsy Maggie Drowsy Maggie
September 2019 Magpie Magpie
October 2019 Army, Marines, Navy Army, Marines, Navy
November 2019 Air Force Air Force
January 2020 Coast Guard Coast Guard
February 2020 Egan's Polka Egan's Polka
September 2021 Lucy Farr's Barndance
October 2021 Dick's Gossip